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Ramp with 1:6 slope, Flip-out style,
Series 7760

The 1:6 ramp competitive advantage lies in the simplicity of the design.  Bus manufacturers will find a competitive advantage due to:

• High reliability
• Low cost
• Easy integration in the vehicle
• Low maintenance costs

The low profile design (3 inches high) can fit into most Low Floor style buses.

Patent pending design (US2011-088178A1)
Rampe Calmo 7760 : Brochure technique

Bridge Plate
Series 7989

This model of Bridge Plate has been developed for use on BRT circuits (Bus Rapid Transit), which are increasingly used by transport companies. The telescopic concept makes it possible to deploy and close this Bridge Plate very quickly, minimizing downtime at stations. In addition, Calmo's unique design allows you to deploy and close the Bridge Plate when doors are closed, making the system safer, as it prevents passengers from getting on or off the vehicle while the Bridge Plate is in motion.

Bridge Plate Calmo 7989 : Brochure technique

Manual ramp with 1:6 slope, Flip-out style
Series 7928

This ramp model is manually operated using a removable handle.

This ramp therefore does not require a hydraulic activation mechanism, like our other models.

This model can be a more economical choice to equip your vehicles used on circuits where the ramps are not used often.

In addition, having fewer components, it is a model that requires a minimum of maintenance, thus reducing your maintenance costs.

We can design your products

Calmo also offers a custom design service.

We can modify one of our standard products, or we can design a new product, to deliver a final product that will meet all your needs.  

Our main market is the transport industry, specifically with ramps, but the development of other subsystems is also possible.



Kneelings mechanism for vans

We can design or manufacture your Kneeling Systems for your wheelchair vans.


Ramp with 1:4 slope, Flip-out style

This product is no longer in production.

This was the very first ramp produced by Calmo in 1999.

More than 3000 ramps have been produced.

Low profile design for better bus approach angle.

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